Hope Groups

Hope Groups are our small group gatherings and are a vital part of our church community. These meet regularly and exist to provide a place for connection, care and discipleship.

We have a diverse range of groups available for people in varying stages of life, from singles to families, younger to more mature, interest based and more.

Please contact us if you would like to join a Hope Group or start one.


Ages 2 - 5

Ignite is our fun-filled program for 2-5 year olds. The leaders stand alongside your family to ignite that first flame of faith in the lives of your young ones. The children have a blast playing together doing crafts, listening to stories but ultimately learning about Jesus. We encourage and model a life of worship, being Holy Spirit led and also knowing that Jesus calls the little children as much as he calls us that are older!

Phil and Chris Pringle


Ages 5 - 8

In our Empower kids ministry, we stand alongside the awesome parents of this house to equip your children for the life God has called them to! We encourage and teach a life of arms raised, all in worshipers. We teach about being spirit-led and knowing the voice of the Holy Spirit, then being bold enough to step out! But most importantly we teach about having a true relationship with God and knowing who we are in him!

Phil and Chris Pringle

War Room

Ages 9 - 12

War Room has been created to equip and encourage your children to step into their own personal War Room! We are believing that we will see our next generation being Spirit led, bold, living a life of worship, and that they will see God move in their every day lives! Our leaders are excited and passionate about teaching our young people who they are and how to live a life out of the overflow of a relationship with God!

Phil and Chris Pringle


Ages 13 - 19

HC YTH is the youth expression of Hope Chapel. We meet on Friday's during the School Term from 7-9pm at our Hamilton location and in our Sunday services. This ministry seeks to see Christ culture influence youth culture and for our young people to be inspired to live for a cause greater than themselves! Think church done youth style; youth bands, dance battles, ridiculous challenges, food, prizes, testimonies, messages, socials and school outreaches! Make sure to send your 13-19 years in our direction!

Phil and Chris Pringle

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